Deafblind UK

Deafblind UK is a nationwide organisation that needs your help. Discover more about them and how you can get involved by reading on…

Deafblind UK is a national voluntary organisation working to support people who are deafblind.

Formed in 1928 by a group of deaf and blind people, it is now a large charity that focuses on supporting hearing and sight loss people with very specific needs.

Their head office is based in Peterborough, with a number of regional offices throughout the UK.  Deafblind UK builds good relationships with funders and voluntary and community organisations.  They are active in developing partnerships and getting involved in social enterprise activities.

Their emphasis is on giving practical solutions to the problems faced by deafblind people and aiming to support people in being more independent.

Mission Statement

“Deafblind UK is a membership organisation which is governed by people who are deafblind or have both sight and hearing loss. We champion the rights and interests of all people who are deafblind or have a combined sight and hearing loss and deliver quality services to give these individuals autonomy and control over their lives. Through our work, we support equality, independence and choice.”

Deafblind UK educates deafblind people about their rights

What they plan to achieve

They plan to extend their services to many more areas in the UK and to enable people with sensory and visual loss to participate in mainstream activities actively.  DeafBlind UK are actively seeking more funds to train people to work with deafblind people all across the UK.

Volunteering with Deafblind UK

Those people who want to volunteer with the charity will be given a full induction program.  They also receive excellent support and guidance to work towards the mission of the organisation.

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