Deaf Guy Cartoons

You may have seen a previous blog by ourselves about the incredible artwork for the Deaf Guy Cartoons, Matt Daigle does for the Deaf community.  If you have missed that, you can see it by >> Clicking Here 


Well, back in 2014, for Deaf Awareness Week, we collaborated with Matt to reinforce the importance of using trained and registered Sign Language Interpreters and Communication Professionals, something we are very passionate about here at terptree!

Deaf people deserve the same access to information as hearing people, and we are seeking to empower deaf people through highly skilled and qualified Communication Professionals. This will see deaf people on par with their hearing peers and excel in their profession and achieve what they deserve and are capable of!

And of course, Matt Daigle has been hard at work crafting numerous iconic and hilarious artwork; let’s take a look at our favourite ‘That Deaf Guy’ cartoons (Whilst the content is created by an ASL user, it still holds great value and significance for BSL users and all Deaf communities):


Can you imagine?! ?


We need to make sure the conversation is about the individual’s skills, talents, accomplishments etc. Being deaf should not be a factor!?


Nurture? Develop? And when it’s time for them to leave the nest, Set Them Free ? to make meaningful strides within the Deaf community!


This just isn’t on. An accurate commentary for the beautiful game is vital! ⚽

Let us know some of your favourite That Deaf Guy Cartoons and why; you can check out all his work here >> That Deaf Guy

And if you want to follow Matt Daigle, you can do so on Twitter; his handle is – @DeafCartoonist