5 Viral Deaf Stories that will Make Your Heart Melt

It is well and truly the digital age. We’re likely all on at least one social media platform if not numerous. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have allowed us all to connect to each other with the simple click of a button.

This also allows for any given story to explode onto the web at any given moment, it only takes 1 like, 1 re-tweet, 1 share to get the ball rolling and a clear snowball effect occurs and you have a viral campaign.

  1. Dad Surprises Daughter at her  Wedding with this priceless gift

Giving your daughter away to another man must be a hard experience for any father to have to do. From that moment he first takes her arm and guides her down the aisle, to the teary father-daughter dance, there’s no one quite like Dad and he is an integral part of a girl’s wedding.

One Dad just couldn’t put into words what his daughter meant to him, so he went above and beyond to give her a gift she will truly never forget and will cherish forever.

You see, Nicole Cortez is a sign language interpreter, and what her Dad did, well just take a look!

Truly tear-jerking right?! Her Dad spent a whole year learning to sign, so he could give his speech to her in sign. Although Nicole is not deaf, we still think this is an amazing gesture and tribute that her Dad did for all her hard work. Currently sitting at a total of over 18.5 million views, it can only be a good thing to gain greater and positive exposure for the Deaf community. Mr Cortez we salute you!

We nearly forgot the best part. Right at the very end of the video Mr Cortez signs “I’m watching you” to his new son-in-law. Whatever your form of relaying and receiving communication, every man knows to keep Daddies Princess happy!


  1. What this Entire Town did for their deaf Neighbour is Truly a Sight to Behold.  Muaharrem is a young deaf man from Istanbul. His sister, Ozlem, teamed up with a production crew to give him a day he’ll never forget.

Now the stunt was an ad campaign by Samsung, but that in no way detracts from the message and real emotion the video creates. The team took a month setting up cameras around Muaharrem’s town and teaching his neighbours how to sign.

The ad starts with his sister taking him out on, what he expects, is just another normal day but he is in for a special treat. He is greeted with a “Good morning” in sign by a man on the street. Next at his local shop, the guy behind the till greets him using sign language.

Then upon exiting the shop, he is signed to by yet another man.

By now Muaharrem is visibly confused and assumes his sister knows these people.

Next a woman bumps into him on the street and quickly issues an apology in sign.

Shortly after he and his sister enter a taxi, upon which the driver also greets him using sign language. Muaharrem is completely baffled.

They are dropped off and then an even bigger surprise awaits Muaharrem. A  Samsung employee is addressing and signing him via a live broadcasting.

The Samsung team and all his neighbours come out to greet him and you can’t help but get emotional as Muaharrem starts to well up.

A Samsung spokesperson has confirmed that everything you see is genuine, so we can all rest easy and spread the joy of the campaign.

Good job all those who worked on this tremendous campaign, we need more people like you!:



  1. A deaf Shelter Dog finds Her Perfect Match

Now this is one for all you animal lovers out there, even if you don’t like dogs you’ll have to admit this story tugs on the old heart strings!

Seeing any story of a dog in a shelter immediately makes it an emotional read but adding into the equation a deaf dog and it steps it up a gear! Already clearly gone through some traumatic occasions but now we’re questioning how does this dog communicate and understand?

The shelter’s volunteers were having trouble getting Rosie’s attention, soon discovering she was in fact deaf.

So the volunteers taught Rosie to recognise certain hand movements and gestures. Such as sit, stay and other basic commands.

          Her face is enough to make your heart melt! Take a look at Rosie’s journey to meeting her perfect fit for her and her new owner. Some great people can see solutions that others may never have even considered!:


4. Dad Shows The Ultimate Sign of Support By Getting This Hearing Aid Tattoo

Now getting a tattoo at anytime is a brave and painful experience. But the pain was worth it for this Dad, showing support for his daughter on her having a cochlear implant. This truly remarkable gesture by this Dad to show solidarity to his daughter so she doesn’t have to go through this experience on her own is truly a sight to behold, just take a look.

5-viral-deaf-stories-blog-16 Image YouTube

Now the story wasn’t quite fully explored through the Instagram post it was shared via. But we are led to believe the man’s daughter was being bullied because of her new cochlear implant.

Like any good father, he wasn’t just going to sit around and accept this, so he took action! He went out and got a tattoo identical to that of his daughter’s implant, so she wouldn’t feel self-conscious and alone.

This father deserves some sort of medal! It takes a truly special and loving individual to perform such a permanent gesture and we think this girl is going to be perfectly fine with a Dad like hers fighting her corner. The world’s your oyster, nothing can hold you back!

Well it seems this post has come to an end, we thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to experience these wonderful stories with us and look forward to enjoying many more viral deaf stories.

We here at terptree want to inspire you, share the good in the world. Sometimes we all need a little pick me up and I hope we have put a smile on your face and inspired you to create a similar gesture of good will.