10 essential reads for the aspiring sign language interpreter

This week we will cover 10 essential reads for the aspiring interpreter!

At terptree, we have a wealth of experience providing interpreter support for the public. We would suggest that some of the best interpreters are those who have read widely and have a depth of knowledge in different subjects.

We would recommend that professional reading should not be restricted to just British Sign Language (BSL)/English Interpreting but extended to cover other relevant areas such as; language, lingustics, BSL, interpreting (BSL and spoken language), socio-linguistics, translation and the Deaf community.

The more that you understand about everyday language, the more knowledge you will have to apply to your day-to-day life as an interpreter.

Here are 10 top reads that will inspire your training and get you looking for more!

1. The Study of language – George Yule
2. Interpreting as an interaction – Cecilia Wadensjö
3. The Linguistics of British Sign Language – Rachel Sutton-Spence and Bencie Woll
4. Investigating English Style – David Crystal and Derek Davy
5. Understanding Deaf Culture – Paddy Ladd
6. Sign Language Interpreters and Interpreting – D Cokely
7. Discourse and the Translator – B Hatim and I Mason
8. Sign Language interpreting exploring its art and science – David A Stewart, Jerome D Schien and Brenda E Cartwright
9. Reading Between the signs: Intercultural communication for sign language interpreters – Anna Mindess
10. So you want to be an interpreter: An introduction to sign language interpreting – Janice H Humphrey, Bob J Alcorn 

Enjoy, and let us know which book you get the most out of!