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Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a registered charity that trains dogs to help deaf people. The dogs, once trained, alert deaf people to essential and life-saving sounds they would otherwise miss – sounds that many people take for granted, like the doorbell, alarm clock and even danger signals like the fire alarm. Thanks to a hearing dog, awareness of these makes a real difference in deaf people’s lives and can even save them.

How did you discover terptree?

I’ve worked for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People for over six years, and I found out about terptree when I started booking sign language interpreters for my workplace. As my (then) new company had an existing contract with terptree, I was signposted to them. I’ve been using terptree ever since!

What were your initial requirements from terptree?

Mostly I have requested BSL interpreting services when I visit clients in their homes. When a visit is booked, I contact terptree, and they get in touch with an interpreter local to the client’s home.

What function has terptree performed for your organisation?

At Hearing Dogs For Deaf People, we make home visits to assess how clients are getting on with their hearing dogs and offer them training etc. I communicate using sign language, but some deaf people don’t. In those situations, an interpreter is needed – to communicate the sign language verbally (so the client can lipread).

What benefits has this brought?

When we conduct a home visit, we do so to make make sure the environment is safe and assess the general surroundings, ready to begin the process of having a hearing dog. We then write a report that helps with the application. Therefore good communication and a high level of understanding between a Partnership Instructor and the client are essential.

Also, when I initially started working with terptree, everything was communicated via email. But now I can place bookings directly through their online booking system. This process makes my life much easier and allows me to do my job more efficiently.

Would you recommend terptree to other deaf people looking for an interpreting agency for access to work?

Yes, I would definitely recommend them to other deaf people!


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