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Connect Assist is an established UK-wide 24/7 Contact Centre based in Nantgarw, near Cardiff, specialising in outsourced call centre services.

Adopting a uniquely human approach combined with technology, consultancy and experience, they have become market leaders in delivering positive customer outcomes for the public sector, charities and socially-focused organisations.

The terptree team spoke to Contract Manager Benjamin Lee. Working in collaboration with the team leaders, Ben’s day to day role is managing the operational function of several services provided by Connect Assist. He helps ensure those teams are supported to provide the level of service their customers expect. The most recent of the services they offer is Sign Assist.

How did you discover terptree?

I joined the Sign Assist project after it had begun, but I understand that the project manager conducted market research to find the right organisation to help us steer our objectives, and the launch, in the right direction. Although we were already good communicators, we were entering new territory in terms of delivering services to deaf people. Therefore, we recognised partnering with an organisation that understands that community and could support us with the necessary information to provide an excellent service would be absolutely critical. That market research led us to terptree.

What were your requirements when you first engaged with us?

The first step was to understand and become educated about the deaf community. This was something terptree handled expertly and was vital to us growing our knowledge base.

Another requirement was for terptree to help us identify how we could best integrate deaf people into our wider business. Once we had the scope for the Sign Assist service we wanted to run and how we wanted to run it, we appreciated that we were now introducing a new dynamic… deaf employees… to our contact centre. Having deaf members of staff working with us was a huge consideration, and we wanted to be adaptable and flexible to their needs. We knew it meant we would have to change our ways of operating, and it was a really key element of our requirements.

The overriding requirement, tying the previous two together, was finding a company that would form a solid partnership with Connect Assist. One that could provide vital communication support as we grew in this field. Again, because the area was so new to us, communication, particularly with BSL, was going to be absolutely critical. So finding that solid partnership as a platform was essential.

What function has terptree performed for your organisation?

They have provided everything mentioned previously plus one more element – the fantastic interpreters they provide. Without that vital element, we wouldn’t know where to start when sourcing professional and qualified BSL Interpreters.

To sum it up, terptree have provided training, knowledge, and partnership support. They have been such a huge asset in the growth of our Sign Assist service.

What benefits has this brought?

The first benefit is that, as an organisation, it helped us better understand the challenges deaf people can face. We always aim to help people as best we can and provide positive human interactions and didn’t just want that to be exclusive to telephony platforms.; terptree has enabled us to offer the same within the deaf community.

What was the biggest benefit?

I mentioned earlier that communication is vital to our business. So the biggest benefit is that terptree has helped us bridge the gap between our deaf and hearing employees.

They have supported us with ideas to get our hearing staff engaged with our deaf staff and suggested different ways to help manage some of the challenges. For instance, by giving us scenario examples like, “Should you encounter Example A, you can take this action or use this particular method. It has been hugely beneficial for everyone.

What is the ongoing role?

Off the back of the successful implementation of our Sign Assist service, they are 100% the right choice to move forward with us. We like what they are all about, and they still have a very important ongoing role with us, especially when providing BSL Interpreters for our team members.

What is your advice to others who might be considering engaging with terptree?

If you are looking to work with the deaf community for the first time, I advise growing your knowledge of the subject. terptree can help you with that. They help you understand how important identity is to the deaf community. Without that prior knowledge, we would not have been able to make the strides we have as an organisation.

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