Support groups are a fantastic way to deal with all situations, here are some of the reasons it’s important to establish support groups early on:

  1. Feeling empowered: by having a support group in place, you can learn from, and support, each other. Having your skills re-affirmed by peers within your group can lead to you feeling empowered about yourself and your skills.
  2. Clear understanding of what to expect: instead of thinking “how do I sign this” or “what was that multi-channel sign” you now have a group you can turn to for reminders or reinforcements of what’s been learnt.
  3. A chance to be open and honest: when boundaries or rules are put into place in a support group (e.g. keeping opinions in the safe space) then you have an opportunity to say the fears or worries you will undoubtedly have about learning BSL. You’ll probably find that others in your support group will be facing these fears too, meaning you won’t feel as lonely.
  4. Reflection: support groups are a fantastic way to talk through challenges and reflect on how things could have been different or improved – group constructive feedback is always a win!