Whether you know him as Captain Jack from Torchwood, or mistook him for an American sounding Hugh Grant lookalike, John Barrowman MBE is a popular and well-known British TV personality. This week, John did something significant for the Deaf Community.

John Barrowman has performed in theatre, dance, film and television programmes over the last two decades and is well liked in the UK. Recently he decided to go ‘Deaf for the day’ as part of a filmed study that delves into the difficulties of being deaf.

John Barrowman will go Deaf for the Day in support of the charity. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. .Picture by Paul Terry/Stella Pictures Ltd +44 7545 642257.08/05/2014
The video firstly depicts John having gel moulds inserted into his ears, leaving him with a 60% hearing loss. What follows is John’s gradual withdrawal into himself, his increased feeling of isolation, and his pained frustration of being ignored and treated differently. It is a very powerful and poignant examination of life as a deaf person.

This week he appeared on Good Morning Britain, where he presented this video account and talked about it with the show’s presenters. You can see this clip below.

John Barrowman’s video experiment has become a visible headline in this week’s news, given John’s high profile status in the UK, doing wonders for deaf awareness and the profile of Hearing Dogs in the process.

John remarked on his hearing dog, Robyn “Having a hearing dog gave me back my independence, made me feel safe when out in public, and best of all, this clever dog provided me with wonderful companionship to alleviate the loneliness I had felt.”

You can also read John’s blog here:

Hope you enjoy!