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A deaf person lives life in exactly the same way as the rest of us. But to do so, needs full access to all of these like-minded situations and experiences.

What we provide is the means to achieve this so that deaf and hearing people can communicate with one another. Maybe you have a team meeting or social event planned? Or a job interview, health appointment or university lecture?

If so, you need highly skilled Sign Language interpreters.

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We’re proud to be able to offer you access to the most committed team: who love what they do and will make your experience with us unique, memorable and fun!

Our work is in partnership with you. Throughout the entire process you will be our focus. Ensuring you are provided with the interpreters who are the best fit for you. Making it easy for both you and the deaf person you are working with.

Where possible, you will be assigned the same Interpreter for each project we work on together. By doing so it will allow you all to build a positive relationship and ensure subsequent bookings are even smoother.

Our commitment to you is to go above and beyond your expectations. This is achieved through open feedback and discussion throughout the booking.

Contact our Customer Loyalty Team and ask how we can help you!


terptree have a specialism in education, providing support to deaf students at University for over 10 years.

Our expert team have a wealth of experience and are on hand to answer any questions you have about supporting a deaf student during their time at university.

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