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Founder, Victoria Williams

Victoria Williams, Founder
how terptree started:

“I trained and registered as a Sign Language Interpreter (RSLI) and graduated in 2005 from the SLI course with UCLAN. One year on, almost to the day – I felt like I had achieved my big goal but was still not quite satisfied with the impact that I had made. I still found myself frustrated at the lack of ethically run Interpreting Agencies.”

terptree was officially born! ‘terp’ short for Interpreter and ‘tree’ just because Victoria loves trees – this business’s ambition has grown substantially since its beginnings of providing Sign Language Interpreting Services.

With a mission to Change the World for Deaf People, terptree supports some of the largest global brands and public services affecting change by creating a world class deaf customer experience.

terptree is a multi award winning business full of deeply passionate people who care about creating social change and truly educating and empowering deaf and hearing people.

Sarah Bryers from Target PR describes clearly the journey the Victoria and terptree has taken – “She could make a difference to the way that the deaf community experience the world, helping to make it fairer and more accessible. Not just by interpreting, but by taking her team’s insight, expertise and experience out to institutions and employers, and helping society to change. Practical steps, achievable improvements, making her own contribution and helping others to contribute too.”

And to the question that everyone asks – why did Victoria decide to work with deaf people?

Well here is the reason:

Our reason

Victoria started learning British Sign Language (BSL) at the age of 13, when her cousin Max was diagnosed as profoundly Deaf. The moment she started signing and became involved in the Deaf community, going to deaf clubs and volunteering at various charity events, she could see the affinity that she had within the community, feeling a real sense of belonging that she had not experienced before.

Max is always at the heart of what terptree does. The daily barriers that he faces accessing the world acts as a deep-rooted motivation for Victoria to truly make the world a place where deaf people can exist equally to hearing people.

Victoria’s strong connection with the deaf community brings understanding of the real issues that are faced, and it is Victoria’s wealth of knowledge and experience that enables terptree to help implement the real-time solutions to make these changes happen.

A look into
Our History

  • 2018

    terptree funds and launches a deaf education video project titled “I am me” with Deaf Parents Deaf Children featuring

  • 2018

    Ran the first People, Power and Parliament event with the Houses of Parliaments to enable the deaf community to lobby and campaign for important issue

  • 2017

    terptree donated Sign Language Interpreter Training to developing countries

  • 2017

    Published in NEWSLI

  • 2017

    Started working with the Houses of Parliament Community Outreach and Engagement team

  • 2017

    Shortlisted for the Tayabali Tomlin Social Responsibility Award

  • 2017

    Victoria appears on BBC South Today on a feature discussing deaf peoples lack of access to subtitles at the cinema

  • 2017

    terptree works with the Royal Albert Hall to run the first ever Relaxed Prom

  • 2016

    terptree published in the British Deaf News

  • 2016

    terptree launches its Podcast

  • 2016

    Featured in the South East Business Magazine on ‘Why Business Need Make Themselves More Accessible to Deaf People’

  • 2016

    Joined B1G1

  • 2016

    Winner of the Entrepreneur of the month award with Entrepreneurs Circle

  • 2016

    Shortlisted for the National Women in Business Awards

  • 2016

    West Berkshire Business Awards Small Business Award winner

  • 2016

    terptree celebrates its 10th year in business!

  • 2014

    terptree were the first in the UK to launch a series of Online Training Sessions aimed to improving access to interpreter education for Sign Language Interpreters and other Communication Professionals

  • 2014

    Victoria attended the House of Commons to raise issues about deaf people’s access

  • 2014

    Victoria presented at Young Enterprise Awards on the key elements of business

  • 2014

    Victoria interpreted for Prime Minister, David Cameron

  • 2013

    terptree ran its first event for Sign Language Interpreters and other Communication Professionals

  • 2013

    Worked with the National Army Museum on their Unseen Enemy exhibition to make it fully accessible in British Sign Language throughout

  • 2013

    Featured in the Slough Observer for Award win

  • 2013

    Small Business Sunday winners and Victoria met Theo Paphitis

  • 2011

    Victoria represented terptree at Westminster Abbey a service to mark the 40th anniversary of the coming into effect of the chronically sick and disabled persons ACT (1970

  • 2011

    Prize giving at St Gabriels School in Newbury

  • 2010

    Victoria presented at local Colleges to support students in business

  • 2009

    terptree were featured on BBC Radio Berkshire

  • 2009

    First signed carol concert in Newbury raising money for National Deaf Children’s Society

  • 2009

    Victoria presented at ‘What’s Stopping you?’ event with Business Link – one-day women’s start up business days

  • 2009

    Victoria presented at local Colleges to support students in business

  • 2009

    terptree ran a range of events over Deaf Awareness Week in local schools

  • 2009

    Victoria involved in Young Enterprise scheme activities

  • 2008

    Ran events over Deaf Awareness Week to educate people about how to communicate with deaf people

  • 2008

    Launched terptree online – our online booking system for British Sign Language Interpreting Services

  • 2008

    Published in NEWSLI, - magazine for the Association of Sign Language Interpreters

  • 2007

    terptree created terptree online – our online booking system for British Sign Language Interpreting Services to deal with the growing needs of the business

  • 2006

    Published in NEWSLI, Magazine for the Association of Sign Language Interpreters

  • 2006

    Victoria interpreted for two deaf participants at Great Wall of China Trek and to Poland for Playback Theatre presentation from University of Readin

  • 2006

    terptree was founded

Our history

Our inspiring

Here is the team that makes all the magic happen!

Emma Price

Emma Price

Emma joined the terptree team after working over 8 years as a Sales Administrator for BMW and previous to that joined the software support team at a computer systems company...

Victoria Williams

Victoria Williams
Founder & CEO

Victoria started learning British Sign Language (BSL) at the age of 13 when her cousin Max was diagnosed as profoundly deaf. She very quickly become involved in the Deaf Community...

Melanie Fenemore

Melanie Fenemore
Finance Manager

Melanie is a part of our finance team here at terptree for a number of years.When she started working in accounts, something just clicked and she is still passionate about...

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Kennet school logo terp tree testimonial

We contacted terptree for a signer to help us out at a Parents Evening.  They quickly found someone in the local area that was happy to come out in the evening to sign and accompany a parent around the hall translating their child’s progress.

We were very happy with the quick prompt service that we received from terptree.  They liaised well between us and the signer. Thank you, we will certainly use terptree again.

Kennet School, Thatcham |

Sky Productions inherited terptree as a ‘recommended company’ from previous colleagues and managers. But we are more than happy to continue relationships with them.

We use both technical and colloquial terms, so it’s so beneficial to be able to use a BSL Interpreter provider that understand these, and the interpreters from terptree can do so.

Using terptree has enabled us to have a more personal relationship with our deaf team member that is more than just the written word in emails and text messages. It means we can communicate on a broader level, so it’s beneficial to both her and us.

There is improved understanding and a better rapport. We can also provide a more effective ‘person to person’ staff training process and address any issues in an appropriate manner and environment.

We highly recommend terptree to anyone needing more than an average BSL interpreter!

Sky Productions (BSkyB) |

“It is because of the services we can offer through terptree that deaf students are actually able to come here.They have the ability to access all their classes and attend appointments.And that’s integral because if they haven’t got an Interpreter then they can’t access any information and they might not be able to come to University.

I would definitely recommend them; one of the main reasons being is because I do think they offer a professional service.They are an exceptional organisation.”

Middlesex University | Sharon Rankin

Comic Con

“We heard about terptree through word of mouth from a friend and they only had positive things to say, so we decided to use their service.”

“We needed to provide interpreters to expand accessibility as much as possible in one of the theatres at Comic-Con so that deaf people could participate and interact with the panels.

They could interact and enjoy the experience just like everyone else.

“I would absolutely recommend terptree. They are very easy to use, from booking through to the delivery at the event. The interpreters were all fantastic and even when some of the panellists tried to trip them up by throwing in rude words they handled it well. We will definitely be using terptree again for our shows next year.”

Comic Con | Joanna Waszczuk

terp tree testimonial

We were introduced to Terptree by a student; our Disability Advisor then researched the company and assessed our requirements in line with DSA.
The student successfully graduated after receiving the support. We would engage in their services again if we need to in the future and recommend them to others. It’s also great to have a partnership with a company as reputable as terptree!
In addition to the service provided to the student, the administration of the whole procedure was easy and straightforward! They were extremely responsive, timely and helpful.

University of South Wales |

“We use terptree to provide support for a deaf member of staff at our quarterly meetings. All of the staff are a joy to deal with and we always get the highest quality interpreters. We would not consider going anywhere else for our interpreting support

MOOG | Nicole Rowland

“By working with terptree, we have managed to establish consistent Sign Language Interpreting support of two to three days a week, every week. This is really important, as we can give our deaf staff members support at team information board meetings. The interpreters are also available if our staff members have complex queries they want to discuss or if they are attending 1:1 meetings.”

“Having terptree’s support has enabled high quality communication between our deaf and hearing staff, meaning that our deaf staff members are able to meet their objectives and reach the highest performance level. When there is better communication, there is better staff performance.

HM Courts & Tribunals Services |

Royal Albert Hall

“Victoria was extremely helpful in working with us, she gave us ideas on things to consider in terms of the whole customer journey.

This included everything from marketing the event to the deaf community, to ensuring the front of house was deaf friendly.”

“As this was the first time we had carried out such a project, there was a steep learning curve for everyone involved.

Under Victoria’s expert guidance, we worked through each of the different phases of the customer journey and terptree definitely exceeded our expectations of the support we had commissioned for the prom”.

“Thank you so much to terptree for working with us on the first ever relaxed Prom event – we were thrilled with the outcome and it seems that the audience were too from the comments we’ve received so far.

To receive access to deaf awareness tips in the lead up to the event really supported our team in communicating with deaf Prom-goers and the feedback that terptree shared with us was really useful too!”.

Royal Albert Hall | Flo Shroeder

We're proud to say we work with...

Royal Albert Hall
Shakespeares Globe
HM Courts and Tribunals service
Hearing dogs for deaf people
Middlesex University
University of Sussex
Houses of parliament