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service_providers_iconBy educating businesses and organisations on how to work in partnership with deaf people on an ongoing basis to make real change that has a lasting effect on the deaf community.

Here are the ways in which we can work with you to offer a world-class deaf customer experience:

British Sign Language (BSL)/English Interpreting Services

Our Sign Language Interpreting Services are the foundation our business was built on.

If you need highly skilled Sign Language interpreters, you can contact terptree’s Customer Loyalty Team who truly love the work that they do and are on hand to make your experience unique, memorable and fun!

We work with you in partnership throughout the entire process to make sure you have access to interpreters who will be the best fit, making it easy for both you and the deaf person you are working with.

Where possible, we seek to book the same Interpreter for the work that we do with you, as the interpreter gets to know your business and the deaf person they are working with, which makes any subsequent bookings run even more smoothly.

Feedback and open discussion is crucial and I can guarantee that we will go above and beyond your expectations!


We undertake a full and detailed audit to take a look at current practices, conducting a gap analysis and making recommended actions for future strategic direction.  Once we have undertaken this thorough process you receive a detailed Implementation plan to support you in making some small changes that will have a huge impact.

Deaf Awareness Online Training

We work with you to identify learning outcomes for your team/s and create a schedule for deaf awareness training online within your business or organisation.

These sessions focus on the most critical outcomes in or for your team/s learning to be fully aligned with corporate strategy, ensuring a consistent approach and building and maintaining deaf awareness across your business or organisation.

Management Support

It is crucial that deaf customers’ needs are in the mindset of those designing new products, services and processes from the very start.

This is a bespoke service where our founder Victoria meets with your team and consults on the key answers for the next quarter.

After these sessions, you will be left with a comprehensive implementation plan for you and your team to action as well as all accompanying guidance you need.

Signed clips online

Creating your online content into British Sign Language (BSL) is an excellent way to engage and clearly communicate to a deaf audience. We work with your team to identify which content would suit this format and creating a comprehensive plan for how you will promote this forward-thinking activity.

Deaf recruitment

In order to truly change the world for deaf people; we recognise that there needs to be more employment opportunities made available for deaf people.

We know how difficult it is for employers to attract the best people and we can work with you in making your business attractive for the best deaf talent, working with you on the entire recruitment process from start to finish, refining job adverts, job descriptions, interview process and much much more.


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