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So you’re currently learning or want to learn the magnificent language that is British Sign language, also known as BSL.

Whether you’re an avid learner or just intrigued to learn the basics, it can be hard to know where to start or who to go to for support. So that is why we have compiled a post that will see you on the right track and ensure you are following the right people on Twitter to make the mos out of your BSL.

So Who Should You Follow On Twitter and Why?




First we take a look at Signature, the leading awarding body for British Sign Language qualifications. They are the equivalent of Edexcel for GCSEs and A-Levels. Signature safeguards the interests of those who rely on communication professionals such as BSL interpreters or lipspeakers and ensure they are fully qualified and registered with NRCPD.

If you’re looking to find all the latest information about BSL courses and updated changes to the curriculum, Signature is your best bet!

NRCPD are run by Signature and regulates communication and language professionals who work with deaf and deafblind people. If you’re seeking to work with the deaf community, you’re going to want to follow!

If you are not NRCPD registered you will it incredibly difficult to get any work!So following them and allowing yourself to keep up-to-date with any changes in criteria and terms & conditions is vital for your career.



Whilst not as big as their counterpart, iBSL offer their own form of BSL qualfifcations and gateways into working within the deaf community. Both iBSL and Signature are fully accredited so whomever you choose to learn with will ensure you are on the right path to obtaining the career you desire!



As your BSL skills improve and you become more immersed in the Deaf community, you’ll want to challenge yourself.

BSLZone is the way to go! TV programmes produced by Deaf people for Deaf people, so what better way to learn?!

The shows are produced fully in British Sign Language (With the option of English subtitles), so you can really enhance your skills and learn from native speakers!

So follow their Twitter handle to keep updated on all their new shows.



Any sports fans here? In particular Rugby Union fans?

Well you might not know that former England rugby international and World Cup winner, Ben Cohen, is deaf. Whilst not a user of BSL, Ben is campaigning for a positive change in the world and is worth a follow to see how different deaf people cope and the positive impact the likes of Ben are making!



@BBCSeeHear are a good twitter page to follow. They share lots of BSL content – including links to their own show, which is great for building those receptive skills.

They also create events and share the details of these on twitter, so they are definitely worth a follow.



ASLI is the professional association for British Sign Language Interpreters in the UK. 
They help to provide professional discussion on all issues relating to Sign Language interpreting in the UK.

They seek to encourage good practice and to support fellow professionals, so they are definitely worth a follow if you plan on being a Sign Language Interpreter!



Like ASLI, WASLI represent Sign Language Interpreters from across the world. They are committed to developing the profession of Sign Language Interpreting worldwide.

They also support pre-existing associations of Sign Language Interpreters and are one of the main pioneers for the profession of Sign Language Interpreting.If you’re serious about being a Sign language Interpreter, then get following!



Another Twitter handle for the more serious BSL Student as opposed to a casual learner. Efsli provide access for discussion and information to its members and interpreters across Europe.

The current efsli is Peter Llewellyn-Jones from none other than the United Kingdom.

Well we hope you have found this information useful and if you know of any other useful Twitter handles that an aspiring BSL student should be following, let us know in the comments below.

Oh and we nearly forgot…..

Don’t forget this account:



And these guys are pretty good too 😉



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