Hello there!
I hope you’re all having a lovely May – the next bank holiday is nearly here!
In my last blog about level 6, I opened up to the fact that I failed my BSL presentation, and the thoughts & feeling I had around this (in summary, I felt rubbish).
So in this lesson I had to re-do my presentation, along with two other students (one who couldn’t attend the last session, and one who was “unsupported” like me).
I decided to pick the topic Hearing Dogs. I attended their Spring Open Day a few weeks ago and thought it would be a good topic to talk about. I talked about the training process and how the dogs learn about sound work – and the process of them being paired with a deaf person.
I’m thrilled to say that I passed this time! I knew dogs wouldn’t let me down.
It’s fair to say that this time round I really took my time to present all of my information. When I did my first attempt last month I was so nervous that I sped through it all, but this time I knew the process and was able to take my time to calmly have a chat with the three people in front of me.
And I passed! Hooray!
So now, I have one month left to write the self-evaluations and put the finishing touches on my portfolio. And then I can celebrate and sleep!
So, until next time (the last time)…

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