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Hello again!
Yes, it’s time to give you another update on how my level 6 BSL is going.
To recap from my last session – I had completed four of five assessments, but needed to film my evidence collection and go to deaf club!
In this weeks session, I completed my live observation. We were given the topic for this, which was to discuss the horrendous attack on Westminster last week. It was political, and and important topic to be discussed. As we all had strong opinions and emotions around the topic, ten minutes flew by – and we all passed.
Deaf Club

Yes, I have finally attended Deaf Club! I attended Oxford Deaf club as it is the most local club to where I live. I was absolutely terrified of going, so I went with a friend.
Turns out there was no need to be scared, as everyone was lovely – I have since been again, and will be going again this week!
Evidence Collection
I was incredibly nervous about collecting evidence. I was panicking that I didn’t know enough deaf people to film clips with, and that I didn’t have any topics to talk about. However, I managed to get them done!
I thought for the portfolio, we needed three 1:1 clips, and three 1:2 clips – so I have gone clip crazy. It transpires that I only need two of each, so I think the eight clips I’ve submitted should just about cover that.
Especially considering that three of my clips have been accepted. Which, honestly, I was baffled by.
What’s next?

Next, I have to prepare my presentation for next month. Once again, I have found myself with no idea what I should give a ten-minute presentation about. My tutor tells me it should educate my audience, so they walk away knowing something.
The presentation should also be based around something I enjoy. She asked me if I wanted to do a presentation about sports. Hahaha. No.
It turns out that my main hobby is watching films and TV, so I may find a topic along these lines – if I can find something interesting enough – I doubt many people want to watch my signing about Pride and Prejudice for fifteen minutes.
After my presentation comes the self-evaluations which, honestly, may not be the worst thing ever (but I could be proven wrong).
This whole process seems to have flown by. It was only a month ago that I was panicking, thinking to myself “there’s no way I’m going to get this done”. Yet here I am, with only a couple of things left to do before it’s completed and I get the qualification.
Thank you for reading, and I will write to you next month and let you know how my presentation goes!
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